About 2Bs

2Bs set out to unite the world through having fun with stereotypes. Asian and nerdy? Great! White and trashy? Right on! Brown and ghetto? Even better! Don't fit a stereotype? That's okay too. Just be who you are. Just be!

About us

We're a collective with backgrounds in animation, illustration, design, and toy production. We all hold "day jobs" and work within a corporate structure with corporate restrictions. Tired of restrictions, we birthed 2Bs. 2Bs allows us to create without boundaries. Therefore, what we create makes it straight into your little eyeballs. Eeggxcellent.

About our products

Tote bags - Totes were our first products that we put our 2Bs on. So, it is our sentimental item. The bags themselves are canvas totes. Very durable. See our 2Bs in action pics on Flickr and Facebook in order to see our bags in more detail. They're great for carrying anything from books to groceries or just anything that needs carrying... within reason. Plus, you get your very own custom 2B on it. How cool is that? Our bags are just $30.

Shirts - We offer two types of shirts. "Hanes like" and American Apparel.

Our "Hanes like" shirts are exactly that. Hanes like. We try to get Hanes shirts, but our supplier doesn't always have Hanes brand. But, the shirts we get are always the same quality. Hence "Hanes like". Add a 2B design and these shirts are only $30.

Our American Apparel shirts are 100% organic cotton t-shirts. These shirts are really soft. Much higher quality than our "Hanes like" shirts. Honestly, I don't think its needed, but some folks only like soft things touching their skin. If that's you, this is the shirt for you. These shirts with a 2B design on it are $40.

About the custom process

01) You see our website
02) You smile
03) You crave your own 2B
04) You place an order
05) You send a payment
06) We design your order
07) We send you a preview via email
08) You send us an approval via email
09) We make your awesome 2B item
10) We send you your awesome 2B item
11) You receive your 2B item
12) You smile

About payment

Payments are made up front. There are three ways to pay.

- First, is through Paypal. This is your credit card option. Once you email us an order, we will send you a invoice email which will give you instructions to pay with a credit card.

- Second, for those that aren't digitally connected, is sending us a money order. Once you email us an order, we will email you with instructions on who and where to send your money order.

- Third, for those that know us, you can place cold hard cash in our grubby little hands.

About sample email orders

The sample order email is basically a form email that we set up to make the ordering process simpler. There's no need to make up any chit chat when you email us, just copy and paste the sample order email into an email that you're going to send to us. Then, just fill in the blanks with the proper information and send it to us. It's that simple. Just click on the link below to see the sample order email.

Sample order email

About orders

Shipping - Shipping charges will be based on the size of your order. We will not inflate the charges. What it costs us is what it costs you.
Cancellations - We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order. If you cancel your order after the process has started, it will result in a $10 charge. If we cancel your order, you will of course receive a full refund.
Returns/refund - Due to the fact that our custom products are made to order we do not accept returns. Refunds will only be offered for defective products. Defects must be reported within 3 days of receiving the item.
Special requests - Rush orders needed faster than the normal 2 week turn around will be charged $5 per item. Large orders over 20 items will have a increased turn around time.

About caring for your 2B

Need to know how to clean your 2B? Damaged your 2B by throwing it into the dryer? Click here to find out how to care for your 2B.

About professional services

Fully custom characters - Want to see your character(s) 2B-ized? No problem. We can translate your character into our style. In this service you get a digital file that you own and can use as you'd like. Pricing for this service will be quoted on a case by case bases. See some examples below.

Added details - Want your logo added to a design? We can do that. Again, pricing will be quoted on a case by case bases.