About our products

Tote bags - Totes were our first products that we put our 2Bs on. So, it is our sentimental item. The bags themselves are canvas totes. Very durable. See our 2Bs in action pics on Flickr and Facebook in order to see our bags in more detail. They're great for carrying anything from books to groceries or just anything that needs carrying... within reason. Plus, you get your very own custom 2B on it. How cool is that? Our bags are just $30.

Shirts - We offer two types of shirts. "Hanes like" and American Apparel.

Our "Hanes like" shirts are exactly that. Hanes like. We try to get Hanes shirts, but our supplier doesn't always have Hanes brand. But, the shirts we get are always the same quality. Hence "Hanes like". Add a 2B design and these shirts are only $30.

Our American Apparel shirts are 100% organic cotton t-shirts. These shirts are really soft. Much higher quality than our "Hanes like" shirts. Honestly, I don't think its needed, but some folks only like soft things touching their skin. If that's you, this is the shirt for you. These shirts with a 2B design on it are $40.